For those of you that were fans back in the day; THANK YOU for all of your unwavering support! Even when Grunge came along and spoiled the party..... TF diehards continued to come out to shows and kept rock & roll alive! I had a blast KICKING ASS with all of you and will be forever grateful for your backing! I hope you have (almost) as much fun listening to these songs, watching my videos & clicking your way through this site.

If you're new to Tommy Floyd , then'll probably want to grab a cold one, do a quick shot, and then CRANK it up   .......EXTRA LOUD!!! 

I've had the great fortune of playing and recording my music with some of the most talented people on the planet. And, was equally lucky to have done something I loved to do every day for a living.

Everyone should be so blessed.

Rock hard always!

Tommy Floyd

Special thanks to the long list of Henchman that made me sound good on stage and in the studio. In no particular order:

Guitar: Pete Parker, Brian Bresett, Rod Bruno, Peter "Spud" Stenkovic, Pat "From Hell" Mescal, Len Osanic
Bass: Dave "Gator" Edgerrs, Greg Laikin, Jack Garret
Drums: Cam Purdy, Dave Troutman, Rick Fedyk, Michael D. Dammitt
Piano: Robbie King, Don Osbourne
Pedal Steel: Sean Ashby
Dobro Guitar: Tom Cee

Dedicated to my loving wife Suzanne, beautiful daughter Kirsten, and shit disturbing son's Harrison & Gunner.


2 Song Demo (1990) Tommy Floyd

Black & Blue Avenue
Devils Train

Tommy (Vocals & Acoustic Guitar), Barry Olivier (Lead Guitar), Scott Thebeau (Rythm Guitar), Steve Bratz (Bass), Sandy Hazard (Drums), Tom Cee (Dobro Guitar)

4 Song EP (1991)  Tommy Floyd

 StageDoor Jane
 Your Cheatin' Heart*
 Long Way Home
 Love's Taxi

Tommy (Vocals & Acoustic Guitar), Pete "Spud" Stenkovic (Lead Guitar), Pat "From Hell" Mescal (Rythm Guitar), Dave "Gator" Edgerrs (Bass), Cam Purdy (Drums)

Rock&Roll Redneck (1994) Tommy Floyd

Suck On This!
Bark Like A Dog
High, Alone & Insane
You're Still A Pain
Time To Say Goodbye
StageDoor Jane
Love's Taxi
Your Cheatin' Heart*
Drownin At The Deep End
Cry Baby

Tommy (Vocals, Harmonica, Acoustic & Electric Guitar), Pete Parker (Lead, Rythm  & Slide Guitar), Brian Bresett (Lead Guitar), Len Osanic (Lead Guitar), Jack Garret (Bass), Rick Fedyk (Drums), Robbie King (Piano), Sean Ashby (Pedal Steel)

All songs written, arranged & produced by Tommy Floyd © 1989-1994 (except * written by Hank Williams)

(L-R) Pat, Tommy, Cam & Brian (F) Gator  (1991)
inside The Alamo Church - San Antonio, TX